My Analytics journey at Vanquis: Martha

London | January

My Analytics journey at Vanquis: Martha

Campaign Optimisation Manager, Martha Williams talks about her analytical journey at Vanquis so far and all the fantastic reasons why you should consider developing your career in our Analyst Community! 

Tell us about your journey at Vanquis…
I started working at Vanquis 4 and a half years ago as a Credit Analyst in the London office. Since then, I’ve moved teams working in Analytical roles across both New Business and now in Existing Customers having progressed into a manager role.

Who are the Existing Customer Management team?
ECM is responsible for supporting our customers throughout their lifecycle with Vanquis. This includes managing customer credit limits and extending additional products to customers.

We’re a small team but have achieved a lot in the last couple of years. Collectively, we’ve had a huge opportunity to shape something new and drive the direction it’s going in. This has resulted in us feeling challenged but ultimately rewarded as we can see the good outcomes we’re bringing to our customers and the bank.

What’s the latest?
This is when it gets exciting. We’ve proved a concept works, so now it’s up to us to refine and make it a sustainable offering. It’s a huge amount of analytics and creative thinking involved to get to somewhere we’re proud of and are offering something our customers think are as exciting as we do.

How’s life at Vanquis?
It definitely has the feel of a relatively small company - you can walk around the office and you’ll know the majority of the people around you.

You’re encouraged to come up with new ideas then really drive and implement them. We’re putting the customers at the heart of our decisions, making sure we spend the time thinking through exactly what they would want from our products. There’s a huge amount of scope and potential and we’ve still got a long way to go!

What about the development opportunities?
Hard work pays off here. If you’re ambitious and driven then it’s recognised and you’ll be given the opportunities to not only move up but also move within departments allowing you to expand your skillsets.

There’s an Analyst Working Group which ensures all analysts are regularly benchmarked and they also conduct bi-annual promotion panels. The time is taken to discuss each individual analysts’ performance, which definitely shows the importance that Vanquis puts in its people.

Any top tips for someone thinking of applying from an analytical role with us?

  1. Always think about the customer. Imagine yourself in their shoes when making decisions.
  2. Be dynamic and innovative people. We have the flexibility to try out new things, so be someone who’s going to make use of it. 

"I’ve stayed with Vanquis for the career development.”


“Because Vanquis is a growing bank, every day offers something different and exciting.”