My tech journey at Vanquis

Bradford | October

My tech journey at Vanquis

Having recently progressed into our new tech team in Bradford, we caught up with Business Analyst Mark (pictured middle) about his time at Vanquis so far and why it’s an exciting time to join our new tech delivery centre in the north!


Tell us a bit about your time at Vanquis so far, Mark…

Hi I’m Mark, I’m a Business Analyst here at Vanquis and I have been here for three years now. I joined as a Business Analyst in a group of five other BA’s, and now I am moving into the new technology team. It was a bit of a departure from what I had done previously, having spent over 20 years in the finance industry but working in areas such as fraud, collections and acquisitions.

What sort of projects have you been working on?

As a BA, I have been involved in many diverse projects across all areas of the bank. Ranging from looking at how affordability has affected credit limits, call recording for the contact centre, helping the bank bring in a new Financial Crime system, and lots more. A big part of my role is to ensure we have considered what is right for the customer and not just what is best for the bank. 

What do you think is exciting about expanding our tech teams into Bradford?

I have recently been successful in applying to work in the new tech teams and I think they will have a major impact in Bradford. It shows that Vanquis have recognised the talent that is based up in the North and how we can help Vanquis to grow. It is a major investment and will be the model of how we want to do it at the bank that can then be rolled out at the other sites. You can already feel the buzz in Bradford even before the new teams have started.

We believe a balance of career and personal development is important, how has Vanquis supported you in your own development since you’ve been here?

We are all responsible for our career and personal development and Vanquis gives you the tools to make this happen. From regular 121’s with your manger to talks about your development. We’re also given access to learning generated by Vanquis, both classroom courses and a load of digital courses. Some are work and skills related, and others are for personal development. It’s good to be offered both. Each week I can take time out of my working week to spend time on development and I have access to lots of resources such as YouTube and a Pluralsight membership for IT courses.

What do you like about working here?

I love the speed that Vanquis moves at, there is a decision made and it just gets done. Everyone that I come across here always wants to help and are willing to give you time no matter what level they are. Even the Managing Director. We are kept up to date on what is happening all the time and have monthly business updates from the Managing Director, where we can ask any questions.

Some company’s say they are customer focused, but Vanquis really means it. What is right for the customer is the number one priority and they have demonstrated that in some of the decisions made.

In terms of location, working in Bradford is a big plus. Having worked In Leeds for 9 years previously, I find it so much easier to get into the city here. We are 10 mins from the train stations, have loads of parking around and City Park is lively in the summer months!

What is your advice to someone considering roles at Vanquis?

If you want to be able to make a difference, want the ability to develop yourself, have the drive to get things delivered at speed and want to be part of one big friendly team then Vanquis is definitely a place for you.

“I enjoy it and it’s fun! I feel privileged to be able to say that about my job.”


"There's lots of opportunities for growing your role and expanding your skill set."